How to Earn on Trading

Trading is one of the most popular ways to make money in the crypto market. The most common strategy is buy low, sell high. Thanks to the tools and advantages Minter provides compared to CEXes and other DEXes, the trader has everything they need to focus on what really matters: trading itself.

Key Features & Advantages

Minter is a decentralized digital assets marketplace that runs on a fast blockchain. Unlike other networks and protocols, all functionality is implemented at the core level of blockchain, rendering layer-2 solutions unnecessary. This makes it possible to reach high operational speed, independence from external services, and maximal compatibility among components within a single ecosystem.

  • Transactions completed in 5 seconds with final blocks (no need to wait several blocks for confirmation)
  • Any liquid coins and tokens swappable for one another
  • Liquidity pools with a 0.2% fee that goes straight to providers
  • AMMOB: Automated Market Maker pools with on-chain Order Books (limit orders)
  • Low transaction fees fixed in U.S. dollars ($0.01 per trade, $0.03 per swap) and payable in any liquid coin or token of the network
  • Your own tokens and liquidity pools created in just a couple of clicks
  • Cross-chain transfers between Minter, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain

Minter combines each and every advantage decentralized trading protocols have to offer, substantially speeds up transfers and swaps and makes them a lot cheaper, and is free of shortcomings associated with centralized platforms.

Tools Needed for Trading with Minter

To find out more about trading and why it's faster, cheaper, and simpler with Minter, check out this article.

Watch Out

Since any user of the Minter network can create custom coins and tokens and set their own descriptions and tickers (short names of 3–10 characters), situations may occur when tokens looking like the real ones are created (either unintentionally or maliciously).

Verified tokens and coins, whose description and ticker are legit, all have the blue verified badge. They are also prioritized on the list of tokens when filling in the forms across official Minter apps and services.

For example, a custom coin under ticker ETHEREUM does not represent ETH, a native token of the Ethereum network, so it's not labeled with the blue check.

The list of tokens that are tied to assets from other networks (the ones that can be transferred to and from other blockchains) is available in the DEPOSIT & WITHDRAW section in Minter Console.

This material serves educational purposes only. The information contained herewithin does not constitute an investment, financial, legal, or tax advice, and it is not an offer or solicitation to purchase or sell any financial instrument.