BIP, Minter's native coin

BIP is a native utility coin of the Minter network. It is mined in each new block and is circulated and used inside the network. Eventually, the supply will reach 10 billion units, which will have been mined by approximately 2026.

Use cases of BIP

  • Delegate and get rewards (portion of block rewards + transaction fees)
  • Provide custom coins with reserve, or back them
  • Pay all network fees (+30 types of transactions)
  • Validate the network (mining, voting power)
  • Exchange for BIPx (1:1)
  • Supply liquidity to Minter pools (for 0.2% of the amount swapped) and in the case of BIPx, to pools on Ethereum and BSC

The distinctive feature of Minter tokenomics is that transaction costs can be paid in any liquid coin or token. But in the end, they will all be converted into BIP and further distributed among stakeholders.

You may make money with BIP through:

  1. Delegation
  2. Trading
  3. Arbitrage
  4. Farming

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