How to Earn in Liquidity Pools

By supplying liquidity into a pool, LPs make money from letting traders use their liquidity for making transactions.

Provider's income consists of:

  1. In-pool fees: 0.2% on each trade. Final amount depends on volumes traded within the pool
  2. Farming (if available): 0.1% daily (or 36.5% yearly) and up. Payouts are regular until the program expires

Earning on In-Pool Fees a.k.a. Liquidity Mining: Example

This money-making strategy is known as liquidity mining. Assume an LP provides 50% of the pool's total liquidity. A trader swaps 1,000 USDTE for 10 HUB, paying a fee of 0.2% on the token sold, i.e. 2 USDTE (1,000/100*0.2). Since the LP has half of the total liquidity, they'd earn 1 USDTE.

Earning in Farming Program: Example

This money-making strategy is known as yield farming. Assume an LP provides 50% of the HUB-USDTE pool's total liquidity and that pool participates in a farming program offering 0.2% in daily rewards, accrued in HUB. The total liquidity of the pool stands at 4,000 HUB, meaning the LP owns 2,000 HUB in liquidity. 0.2%*2,000 HUB=4 HUB, that's the farming reward the LP would get. As a rule, farming rewards are distributed on a daily basis (but this can vary depending on a given program's settings).

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