How to Delegate

Delegation is one of the ways to make money with Minter Network through bonding your BIP or custom coins to a validator who mines new BIPs. After delegating, the user starts getting rewards (block rewards + portion of transaction fees). The returns are shared among all delegators proportionally to their stake, minus validator's fee.

How to Check Out Reward's Size

  • Stats on the rewards you're receiving can be accessed at (enter your address in the upper right corner and press OK) or on your address' page in the Rewards tab in Minter Explorer.
  • To forecast your returns within a specific timeframe based on block rewards, use the Staking Rewards service.

How to Pick a Validator

You need to choose validators who you think are reliable and attractive in terms of fees. Also make sure you can make it in the top 1,000 slots.

Points that require special consideration:

Given equal uptime and absence of penalties, your returns are only impacted by the fee that your validator charges.

Analytics and parameters of validators may be found below:

Delegation Price

When you delegate custom coins, the delegated amount is virtually converted into BIP equivalent, and everything is then re-calculated in BIP stakes.

The formula for determining the equivalent in delegation is different from the formulas for determining the value when buying or selling. Custom coins in delegation can be valued at a smaller BIP equivalent than the amount that could be spent on their purchase or obtained as a result of their sale. The equivalent taken into account in delegation is significantly affected by the CRR of the coin and the number of delegated coins related to the total supply, unless the CRR is 100% or 100% of the coins currently in circulation are delegated by a single owner.

That's why on some coin tracker resources, you can see a separate parameter—the delegation price. Delegation and sale prices can be compared at

Learn more about delegation here.

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