Practical Application of HUB

HUB is a token staked by Minter Hub oracles. Its main features are:

  • Validation of the Minter Hub network (up to 1% on all cross-chain transfers)
  • Voting on DAO-related issues
  • Reduction of fees charged for making cross-chain transfers
  • Provision of liquidity to the pools (0.2–0.3% on the amount swapped)

By staking HUB, validators receive up to 1% of cross-chain transfers made by users as a fee. The transaction cost can go to as low as 0.4%, provided the sender holds HUB tokens on their balance. Users may also earn on delegating HUB to oracles and receiving a share of fees charged for cross-chain transfers.

For more detail on HUB's use cases and its broader tokenomics, read here.

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