Digital Assets Marketplace

Your single gateway to major digital currencies and assets: buy, sell, send, and spend BTC, ETH, BIP, USDC, gold, oil, stocks, and thousands more.


What’s Minter

Minter is a DPoS blockchain, meaning that all transactions are secure, anonymous, and final. Only you control your assets, and no one can restrict, block, or tamper with them.

The internet of money

Everything is lightning-fast and cost-efficient: a transaction takes only 5 seconds in time and $0.01 in fees. Trade of any volume costs $0.03 plus 0.2% distributed among liquidity providers.

Ease of use

Choose one of the three wallets to manage your assets:

Minter Wallet

You will only need an e-mail to get started

Bip Wallet

Our semi-pro solution supporting iOS, Android, and Web

Minter Console

For the most advanced users and businesses

There’s a role for everyone

Through the lens of which role would you like to learn more about Minter?


Create and manage your own coin or token


Support the network by providing infrastructure


Stake assets and get rewards

Liquidity provider

Set up or join liquidity pools to earn trading fees


Integrate assets into existing projects or build new ones


Profit from trading in a fully decentralized way

What about HUB?

HUB is the native token of the Minter Hub blockchain that's bridging Minter with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. HUB is a PoS token, so oracles receive 1% on the fees charged for cross-chain transfers. HUB also serves as reserve for DEX pools both on Minter and Ethereum/Binance Smart Chain. For example, Uniswap v3 HUB-USDT, Uniswap v2 HUB-USDT, Minter BIP / HUB.

Facts and links

Create your own coin or token

Game credits, loyalty points, access tokens and achievements can be managed in a simple way via set of tools like wallets (iOS, Android, Web) and console, or SDK and API for advanced integrations.

Trustworthy consensus algorithm

Network’s native utility token is called BIP and mined by validators (Tendermint-based DPoS)

Blazingly fast speed

Transactions are final in 5 seconds and cost less than a cent.

Open and free code

Everything is crowdsourced and published in GitHub with open licenses.

Detailed documentation

In our docs, we’ve covered everything you need to know in order to start maintaining the Minter network, build services and applications running on top of it, or integrate it into your organization’s operations.

Helpful community

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