Yielding 10% Monthly

How to farm BNB in 2022? If there is BNB on your balance, you can take part in the BNB-HUB pool's farming program. The terms are:

  • Return: 10% per month (or 120% in APR)
  • Extra reward: 0.2% on all trades made within the pool (fees)
  • Protection against Impermanent Loss in place (learn more)

BNB-to-Minter Transfer

First of all, you'll need a Minter address. In case you don't have one already, you may create it in Minter Console:

  1. Generate a new address
  2. Save a 12-word seed phrase somewhere private. This phrase grants access to your funds, so never share it with anyone
  3. Sign in to your wallet using the passphrase you just got

how to farm BNB 2022, step 1: create Mx address

You'll need to deposit BNB tokens to your Minter address next. For example, let's take a look at BNB withdrawal from Binance. Since a centralized exchange-based wallet doesn't belong to you, for future decentralized operations with your tokens, you'll need to set up your very own, personal address on BNB Smart Chain. For that:

  1. Install any credible wallet supporting BNB Smart Chain, e.g., Trust Wallet
  2. Generate a new address or log in with the same one as in Minter. To do the latter, enter the seed phrase you use with Minter. Inside the wallet:
I already have a wallet –> Smart Chain –> Enter seed phrase –> Import


On Minter, an address starts with Mx..., while on BNB Smart Chain, with 0x....

Now you can withdraw BNB from an exchange, e.g., Binance.

  1. Go to BNB withdrawal page
  2. Select address that you use with the BNB Smart Chain (Trust Wallet)
  3. Choose BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) network
  4. Confirm withdrawal

how to yield farm BNB in 2022, step 2: BNB Withdrawal

Once your BNB has arrived to your personal Trust Wallet (on BSC), you'll need to move it to the Minter network:

  1. In Minter Console, go to the DEPOSIT & WITHDRAW section
  2. In the deposit form, sign in via the Trust Wallet app's WalletConnet feature
  3. Specify the recipient address (the one you've logged in to Minter Console with is used by default)
  4. Select the BNB token and enter the necessary amount or USE MAX
  5. Now you have to unlock the desired amount to be used by a smart contract (if you don't want to repeat this operation in future, check the Infinite unlock box). Press Unlock and confirm the unlock transaction in Trust Wallet
  6. Once the Approve transaction has enough network confirmations, you'll see the unlocked amount available for deposit in the corresponding section of Minter Console. The only thing left to do is click Send

After the transaction has been confirmed by the network and the Minter Hub bridge, its status will change to Success on the list of transactions. Congrats! The BNB tokens are now readily available on your Minter Mx address.

How to Yield Farm BNB in 2022

To join the BNB-HUB pool, you need to hold both tokens, BNB and HUB, in the same amounts—i.e., 50/50%. That's why you need to swap the necessary number of BNBs for HUBs:

  1. In Minter Console, go to the SWAP section
  2. Fill out the SELL COINS form with BNB as the coin to sell, and HUB as the coin to buy
  3. Specify the necessary amount of BNB (for example, the half)
  4. Confirm the swap by pressing the button after verifying all the data (including the rate)



The BNB \ HUB rate can be checked on the pool's page.

The final step—and the ultimate answer to the 'How to farm BNB in 2022?' question—is supplying both tokens into the pool:

  1. In Minter Console, go to POOLS
  2. Fill out the ADD LIQUIDITY TO SWAP POOL form
  • The first coin: BNB
  • The second coin: HUB
  • Enter the necessary amount for either of the tokens. The amount for the other one will be fetched automatically

Double-check everything and Add.

how to yield-farm BNB 2022, step 3: add liquidity BNB-HUB

Upon providing liquidity to the pool, your position will appear on the list on the POOLS page of Minter Console.


Starting now, you'll be automatically getting rewards at 0.34% every day (10% a month or 124% a year). The more coins you add to the pool, the bigger the reward.

The farming program's page with all info is live at chainik.io/yf/328.