Buy & Sell BIP

BIP Use Cases

BIP is a native digital coin of the Minter blockchain. It is used to:

  • Delegate and get rewards (portion of block rewards + transaction fees)
  • Provide custom coins with reserve, or back them
  • Pay all network fees (+30 types of transactions)
  • Validate the network (mining, voting power)
  • Supply liquidity to the pools (for 0.2% of the amount swapped)

Where to Buy/Sell BIP

If you've got no other coins to be exchanged for BIP, there are lots of venues where you can purchase it directly. For the best navigation experience, you may use either of the two aggregators below:

Once you've picked the exchange direction you need, you'll see all available platforms. Here's the list of major, time-tested platforms:

BIP Rates

The price of BIP varies across different platforms. In the case of P2Ps and exchanges, users set buy and sell prices themselves. On regular exchange services, the rates are set by their owners based on demand and supply.

You may find the average price and market capitalization here: