Integration Guide

How to deposit and withdraw Minter coins

Deposit coins

  1. Generate deposit address for user and store its mnemonic phrase somewhere.
  2. Scan blocks and check if there exists any tx on deposit address
    • Once found you should check:
    1. Transaction type is Send: tx.type == 1.
    2. Value and Coin (, are equal to expected values.
    3. Transaction has no code field or it's equal to 0. Otherwise transaction is failed and funds are not transferred. Here is an example of failed tx.
  3. Send coins from deposit address to master address using mnemonic phrase from step 1.
  4. Deposit coins to user account.

Note: Minter is based on Tendermint Consensus Engine, which has instant finality property. It means what once block is committed by ⅔ validators of network it cannot be reverted. As a result – there is no need to wait more than 1 confirmation of incoming transaction.

Withdraw coins

  1. Generate Send (or Multisend, if you expect to have multiple addresses as recipients) transaction.
  2. Send transaction.
  3. Wait for tx to be included in block.
  4. Check that code field is missing or equal to 0.