What’s Minter?

How to buy and sell BIP?

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Buy BIP for ETH. Fully decentralized

Use our cross-chain bridge to buy BIP in a fully decentralized way. Just log in to Console, click “Buy BIP,” and follow instructions.



To buy or sell BIP, use one of the verified methods below.




Honee is focused on helping people to earn crypto.

Convenient P2P trading Telegram bot. Allows you to purchase and sell BIP for both crypto and fiat currencies.

Where to store

Manage your BIP in one of these user-friendly wallets:

Bip Wallet

Main wallet that has all the features you need. iOS, Android, and Web versions are supported.

Minter Wallet

The most simple wallet. The only thing you need to use it is an e-mail address.

Minter Console

Full-fledged operational tool for the most advanced users.

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BIP is the native coin of Minter network.
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