On this page, you can track all verified farming programs as they are launched on Minter, as well as their terms.

What’s farming?

Farming is a special program to reward liquidity providers with extra incentives, in addition to regular swap fees they already get (0.2% per each).

Anyone can join. For that, you need to add liquidity into one (or all) of the pools listed below. You can also transfer Ethereum assets you already have and get their mirrored versions on Minter in return (refer to the USDT Deposit section, the algorithm is the same for all supported ERC-20 tokens).

Active farming programs

Ongoing programs offered by MDF can be found at Minter Explorer.

Other farming initiatives, including those launched by regular users, are available at Chainik.

  • Snapshots of providers are taken on a daily basis at a random time
  • The size of reward is calculated based on the volume of liquidity you've provided
  • Rewards are sent out in multi-send transactions on a daily basis at a random time