HUB: Discounts on Cross-Chain Transfers

When moving tokens between Minter and Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain, the user pays the bridge fee (1% on the amount transacted) on top of the network fee. For example, the fee for sending 100 USDT from Binance Smart Chain to Minter stands at 1 USDT.

If the user holds the HUB token on their balance, however, they are charged a reduced bridge fee.

In Figures

  • 1 HUB: -10%
  • 2 HUB: -20%
  • 4 HUB: -30%
  • 8 HUB: -40%
  • 16 HUB: -50%
  • 32 HUB: -60%

For example, if you have 16 HUB on your balance, then when transferring USDT from the Minter network to Ethereum, the fee you pay will be not 1% but 50% less—that is, 0.5%.

How to Activate

For the discount to be enabled, the balance of the address that a cross-chain transfer is made from needs to have the necessary amount of HUB on either of the interconnected networks. Example: one may hold 32 HUB on their Minter address’ balance and enjoy the discount when depositing from a similar address on Ethereum (the only difference between the Ethereum and Minter addresses being that the former starts with 0x, and the latter, with Mx). The coins that are locked into the pools will count as well.

HUB can be bought via liquidity pools on Minter by making a simple swap in Minter Console or in BIP Wallet. You can also purchase it on 1inch (Ethereum) or PancakeSwap (Binance Smart Chain).