Earn 36.5% APR with USDT-USDC pool on Minter

Not so sure where the market is headed in the short run? Join our stablecoin yield farming program. It's easy, safe, and fast.
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Stablecoin farming features:
0.1% daily
no KYC
completely decentralized operations since Minter is a DEX
easy deposit and withdrawal of assets
little to no risks as stablecoins always stay stable
an additional APY of up to 40% due to fees
What is Minter?
Fast transactions
5 seconds with final blocks
Low fees
$0.01 per transfer, $0.03 + 0.2% per swap, payable in any liquid coin or token
Cross-chain swaps
Send cross-chain transfers with swaps.
For example, BUSD on Binance Smart Chain for USDC on Ethereum
Easy access
Make decentralized deposits and withdrawals, easily
Limit orders
Place limit orders powered by a unique implementation at the core level of Minter blockchain
Custom tokens and pools
Create your own tokens and liquidity
pools in a couple of clicks
Global integration
Enjoy all benefits of integration with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain and later, with other popular networks
Trade in most cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets within a single network. All decentralized.
Minter supports trading and cross-chain transfers of
BTC, ETH, 1INCH, USDT, USDС, DAI, PAX, BUSD, BIP, HUB, and many more.
Compare speed, fees, convenience
Pool fee
Tx speed
Tx fee
Fee coin
5 sec
1 (Tx)
6 sec
2 (Tx, Tx)
16 sec
2 (Tx, Tx)
71 sec
2 (Tx, Tx)
62 sec
2 (Tx, Tx)
Delegate your BIP to the validators of the network to get rewards in BIP (about 40% APR)
Provide liquidity
Mine BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, 1INCH, BIP, HUB, and many more by providing liquidity. 0.2% of each trade goes directly to LPs
Bip Wallet
User-friendly and feature-rich wallet
released as an application for mobile
BIP Wallet’s basic web version. Includes all essential functionality for managing your coins: receive, send, and delegate
The most simple solution to receive and send funds. You will only need an e-mail to get started
This wallet has the most features: besides the standard functions of the basic wallet, you can also work with checks, create coins and tokens, launch masternodes, set up and manage MultiSig addresses and liquidity pools, and broadcast the transactions signed off-line
Tech side
In our docs, we’ve covered everything you need to know in order to start maintaining the Minter network, build services and applications on top of it, or integrate it into your organization’s operations.
Discover HUB token
Current price $0.00
Start price $0.11
Max supply 1 000 000

HUB is the native token of the Minter Hub blockchain that’s bridging Minter with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. HUB is a PoS token, so oracles receive 1% on the fees charged for cross-chain transfers. HUB also serves as reserve for DEX pools both on Minter and Ethereum/Binance Smart Chain.

For example, Uniswap v3 HUB-USDT, Uniswap v2 HUB-USDT, Minter HUB-BIP.